About Us

Headed by Sumit Thapliyal,Himalayan Basket is one of the leading commodity traders of everything that the Himalayas have to offer. Badri Cow Ghee, Organic Honey, Top quality Rice, Pulses and more.

Sumit hails from Uttarakhand and has lived in Dehradun for the most part of his life. As someone who has grown up eating natural, mostly organic food from the hills, Sumit was distraught to find that there are no brands selling good quality natural/organic food from the hills in cities & metros. Thus was formed ‘Himalayan Basket’. The primary aim of the business is to enable everyone to lead a healthy natural lifestyle by having easy access to high quality food at a reasonable price.

The business aims at bringing pure, natural food of the himalayas to people all around the globe.

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